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Diya Aur Baati Hum: 23rd January Written Episode; Sandhya Injured, Suraj Lonely!

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January written Episode: Sandhya is massaging oil on her feet and Suraj is worried on Sandhya’s health. The next day, Sandhya is determined that she will do well despite her health issues and gets ready. She calls Suraj but isn’t able to connect. She leaves for the field.

Suraj suddenly wakes up and thinks of calling Sandhya before she leaves. But the phone keeps ringing. He calls at the reception and tells them to call Sandhya but he informs that they are at the ground and he shall give a message.

Zakir is giving instructions and the order in which people shall perform and the last obstacle is to be performed by Sandhya. The phone rings and Suraj thinks it is Sandhya’s phone and gets up. But Emily takes it and it is a wrong number.

Emily tells Bhabho that the client is indeed to be a mother. Vikram gets Meena back home and asks about Sandhya. Suraj gets a call from the client and he leaves for the shop. Babasaa sees that Suraj is down and feels lonely.

At the ground, the teams are performing and it is Zakir’s team’s chance. Sandhya is feeling dizzy. Sandhya tries to swing with the rope but is unable to move quickly as she feels dizzy and tired. She falls on the ground and Zakir is angry with her.

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