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Jodha Akbar: 10th January Written Episode

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Jodha Akbar 10th January episode update written: Maha Manga shows that she is not an ordinary politician. She has an exclusively advanced brain and strong intuition. When Adam Khan fails to understand why Maha Manga did not spill the beans about Shivani to Akbar, the aged lady explains that she has a greater plot in mind. She has made Shivani agree to the marriage, but she knows that a lover’s heart would not remain suppressed for a long time. The embers of passion in Shivani’s heart for her artist lover will soon be lit up, and she will try to elope with him, just before marriage, when every preparation would be almost complete.

Then Maha Manga will expose the letters and try to prove that Jodha had complete knowledge of her sister’s affair, still she tried to marry her off to Mirza. Akbar will never forgive Jodha after this and their break-up would be permanent. Maha Manga informs Benazir that soon she will get a chance to come close to Akbar.

Jodha Akbar

Maha Manga provokes Begum Rukaiya, telling her that Akbar has given consent to the marriage of Mirza with Shivani, following Jodha’s suggestion. Jodha is gradually getting closer to Akbar. Begum Rukaiya now feels insecure about her status of Mallika-e-Begum, the Queen-in-chief. She directly charges Akbar for not consulting with her, even not informing her about the matter. Akbar replies that, people who hold special posts, should have the power to collect each information before time. Akbar does not give much importance to her complaint.

Rajput King Kumar Pratap condemns another marriage relationship between a Hindu princess and a Mughal prince. He excites his followers saying that they would give a tough fight to the Mughals and will hate the Ajmer King for being a friend to the Mughals.

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