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Jodha Akbar: 20th January Written Episode

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Jodha Akbar 20th January written Episode: Akbar dresses Mirza for the fight and encourages him to win the battle. As Adam Khan is upset with Akbar’s decision of overlooking him and sending Mirza to the battle, Maha Mnaga explains that Akbar had done so to let Mirza forget his emotional injuries. And there can be no better fighter than a wounded man, and this time Mirza is a wounded man.

Before leaving for the battle, Mirza asks Akbar about his love and emotion and Akbar exclaims that he has no emotion. But Akbar himself is perplexed with the fact that he has some queer feeling whenever he meets Jodha. Whatever, he ignores these thoughts as there are crucial political issues to solve. He wants to send Adam Khan to fight against some rebels of the Mughal dynasty.

Jodha Akbar

Rahim gives a brainteaser to Jodha. In this connection, Jodha remembers Benazir’s letter and finds the hidden message in the letter. She understands that Saifuddin has not given her a hollow warning. She rushes to Benazir’s room and asks her directly about the purpose of her being in the Mughal palace. Benazir, moaning in pain, tells her that Akbar has already read the letter and he himself has sent it to the proper destination. Jodha leaves and Benazir becomes alert about her.

Akbar’s men arrest Abul Mali. In the open darwar, Abul Mali challenges Akbar that he will face the hell before he can punish Abul Mali. He has arrested Abul Mali, but has not found his spy, his weapon against Akbar, who is very much present inside the Mughal Palace. Akbar sends him to prison. Jodha tries to tell Akbar about Benazir, but her effort goes in vain.

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