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Jodha Akbar: 28th January, The Well Benazir Fell Into Gets Poisonous!

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Jodha Akbar 28th January written Episode: Akbar continues expressing his doubt on Jodha, regarding the attack on Benazir. Rukaiya stops Jodha from applying medicine on Akbar’s wound and she applies it herself. Maha Manga provokes Rukaiya further saying that Rukaiya has applied the medicine which was made by Jodha. So, instead of keeping Jodha away from Akbar, Rukaiya has done a favour to her. Maha Manga adds that even after doing so many misdeeds Jodha Begum is not being punished by Akbar. It means that she has done some magic over him. So, she must be kept away from Akbar and be expelled from the palace.

At Dewan-e-Khas, Akbar wants to know the latest updates of the war. Adgar Khan informs that Mirza has been able to overpower the rebels, with the help of Man Singh. Akbar thinks of giving a Mansabdari to Man Singh, as he has proved his loyalty to the Mughal Empire. Maha Manga and Adam Khan become upset with this decision. Akbar also instructs to find out Tejwant and Shivani, by hook or by crook.

Jodha Akbar

Benazir gets a map of the prison from Kamal Khan, a servant of Abul Mali. She decides to meet Kamal Khan in the market and find out the way to set Abul Mali free from the Mughal prison. Jodha and Salima see her going somewhere in the attire of a maid-servant. They follow her, wearing dresses of Moti, so that they cannot be recognized. But a clever and alert Benazir sees them and pretends to buy bangles from a market shop. The Begums fail to understand her actual intention of visiting the market.

Suddenly a person makes a crucial announcement. He announces loudly that the water of the well near the market has turned into poison. People who have drunk it, have died instantly. Jodha and Salima remember that it is the same well that Benazir jumped into. Salima is hopeful that finally they have found a strong evidence against Benazir.

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