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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...: 8th January Written Episode; Avantika To Donate Kidney

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara 8th January written Episode: Payal’s family members leave the house thanking Rubel for forgiving Payal. Pankhuri cannot understand how Shila came to know everything about Payal's past affair, before they opened up. Payal says to Rubel that it is not so easy to forgive all her mistakes at once. She will wait for his pardon. She also confirms that she has truly fallen for him.

Rohit calls Latika from the Police Custody and asks for help. Latika denies to help him out. Rohit blackmails her saying that he would expose her crime. She agrees to help in the condition that Rohit would leave for Kulu as soon as he gets released.

Avantika wants to talk to Shila but Anuj forbids her saying that Avantika has to get admitted to hospital the next morning. The matter worries Aditya, Harish is upset a lot about it. Preeti calls Avantika and expresses her worries. Avantika remains calm and strong and she provides strength to everyone.

Anuj asks Shila to come to the hospital. She rudely refuses. She finds hospital bills in the wardrobe. She comes to know that Anuj has paid the bills for Preeti and Avantika’s operation in advance. She becomes extremely angry as Anuj hasn’t discussed it with her. Her brother calls and informs her that he is coming to her house, with his wife.

Avantika comes to the hospital. She is accompanied by Anuj and Pankhuri. Aditya cannot find Harish. Harish comes at last and meets Avantika before she changes into a patient’s dress. Preeti is on hospital bed. She wants to meet Avantika before the operation but her parents forbid her.

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