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Qubool Hai: 23rd January Written Episod; Nazma Pregnant, Siddiqui Shocked!

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Qubool Hai 23rd January written Episode: In the press conference Asad declares the changes in the company Siddiqui & Sons. He announces a party to celebrate his new position. He calls Nazma and congratulates her for her pregnancy. He invites Nazma, Nikhat and the other family members for the party. Nazma wants to know the occasion. He tells her that it will be a surprise for all. Haseena tells Nikhat that they should not take Nikhat to the party, as she is mentally sick.

Humeira and Haider come back to the house and Razia is shocked to see that Humeira’s dress is torn. She rebukes her for keeping her mobile phone unreachable. Humeira gives her false excuses and explanations.

Qubool Hai

Rashid writes something on a piece of paper and he tries to give it to Zoya. Unfortunately Zoya fails to understand his gestures and overlooks the paper. Razia finds the paper and she reads what Rashid has written. She finds that Rashid has told Zoya to check her mobile phone. Razia becomes curious.

Razia asks Siddiqui why he has taken the decision of retirement and Siddqui tells her that he has done no such thing. At this moment Siddqui gets a call from the girl of the Asylum. She tells her that she is being moved to some other hospital and he should meet her promptly. Siddqui immediately leaves and Razia is surprised at his behavior. Siddiqui reaches the Asylum and asks the girl about his daughter. The girl gives him a condition. He shouts at her saying that she is absolutely mad and it is impossible to agree with her. She strongly claims that she is not mad and she calls Siddiqui by his full name. Siddiqui is stunned to hear this.

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