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Rangrasiya: 22nd January Written Episode; Rudra-Paro Separated!

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Rangrasiya 22nd January written Episode: Paro awakens and sees Rudra near her and pushes him away. She shouts for help and the doctor comes. The doctor tells Rudra that she is in pain and has to be shifted but Rudra insists on Paro being there itself as she is a suspect. The nurse tells Paro to eat something. Aman tells Rudra that the media is talking a lot of nonsense about the BSD with respect to this case. Rudra gets worried.

Chacha tells his wife that he is trying to call Dilsher and she is angry. Chacha tells her that he met Rudra and thinks of bringing him home. But chachi expresses her dissent.


While Rudra sleeps, the doctor locks his room. A soldier is posted outside Paro’s room and the doctor puts a medicine on his mouth and he faints. He then injects a solution in Paro’s drip and suddenly Rudra catches him from behind and questions him angrily.

The doctor escapes and Rudra runs behind and nabs him. He asks the doctor but he stabs him and escapes yet again. Aman who is following them is told to catch the doctor and Rudra runs back to Paro in an injured state. He removes the drip and heaves a sigh of relief. He stares at Paro.

The Major arrives and asks Paro whether she is fine. Paro says she is not fine as she is away from her family and her husband has been killed. She tells the Major to keep Rudra away from her. Rudr overhears everything from outside.

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