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Rangrasiya: 20th January Written Episode

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Rangrasiya 20th January written Episode: Rudra urges Paro to sign the paper but she doesn’t relent. She tells that her villagers did right by not accepting her as part of their clan and else they would all be killed too. Rudra tells that they left her to die. He holds her and tells her that he can behave like a monster to get his work done and leaves.

Thakurain asks Maami about Paro and cries as she wanted to meet her once. Thakur comes and apologises for whatever happened but the sacrifice was required. Maami tells her destiny is bad that her parents left her and then her husband. But Thakur tells that the fault is of the BSD officers. Thakurain asks him whether there is any way out. But he says that the villagers’ respect and people cannot be sold for Paro. Maami says she still wants to meet Paro. Thakur says that he shall see if could something to be arranged but Maami has to leave for Jaipur and he will try to send Paro there. Maami thanks him profusely. Thakurain consoles Maami.


Thakur tells a servant that Paro cannot be kept alive and to arrange for someone to get inside the BSD headquarters to kill her. Rudra tells his officer to put on the voice recorder in the cell Paro is. She is praying to God. Rudra gives a glass of water after tasting it to the office. He gives water to Paro and she drinks it. Rudra tells him that her life is important as she is a sole witness. Rudra comes to Laila’s place and seeing blood and she tries to tend to it. He refuses and she asks her about the bride she captured.

Thakur reassures Thakurain that he will get Paro out. Thakurain asks about the BSD officer who fired so many people. Just then the servant comes. Paro is crying in the cell. The servant tells him that they have found a BSD officer who can do the job. A new person is shown asking for Rudra at the headquarters.

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