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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 6th January Written Episode; Raman-Shagun Now Divorced

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January written Episode: Ashok awakens Shagun in the morning. He is much excited as this is the last hearing date for Shagun’s divorce. Ashok wants Shagun to take Ruhi to the court. Raman’s mother wants to accompany him. She has a wish to see Ruhi. Raman promises his mother that he will fight for Ruhi’s custody. Mihir says that he will go with Raman.

Mihir tells Raman to control his emotions and anger. Ruhi is excited to see Raman and runs towards him. Ruhi vehemently cries and the governess finds it hard to tackle her. Ruhi calls Ishita. Ishita decides to visit the court.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The divorce is granted by the court. Raman’s lawyer fights for Ruhi’s custody. Raman reminisces the moments when Shagun left him. He remembers that Shagun took Aditya, their son with her and told him to take care of Ruhi. The court sets the next date of hearing for the child’s custody after twelve days. Up to that Ruhi has to stay with Shagun. Raman instructs his lawyer to desperately fight for Ruhi’s custody.

Ashok and Shagun drink in the court premises to celebrate the divorce. Ashok instructs the governess to take Ruhi in a separate car. Ishita arrives and Ruhi runs towards her.

Ruhi cries and appeals to her father to take her back to her grandmother. She repeatedly says that she does not want to stay with her mother. Mihir counsels her and sends her back to the governess. Raman promises Ruhi that he will take her back very soon.

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