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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 8th January Written Episode; Shagun Using Ishita!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January written Episode: Raman sees Ishita crying pathetically, as she cannot become a mother by any measure. Shagun is not able to tackle Ruhi. She and Ashok often ignore the child. When Shagun asks Ashok when he will marry her, Ashok tells her that once they win the custody of Ruhi, they will send her to a good boarding school and then they will get married. Ashok tells her to call Ishita and seek her help. Ashok says that he has no intention to become Ruhi’s father. He just wants to inflict pain on Raman.

When Ishita visits Shagun’s place she finds the papers of boarding school for girls, on the centre table. She is shocked to know it. She tries to make Shagun understand that Ruhi is too little to be sent to hostel. And she cannot understand why Shagun is fighting for Ruhi’s custody if she doesn’t want to keep the child with her. Shagun tells her that she will keep Ruhi in hostel just for one year as she will be getting married to Ashok. Once she is settled, she will bring Ruhi back.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The lawyer meets Raman. He says that he is fighting for Raman from the core of his heart as Raman has done many favours to him and he personally knows that Raman has a good heart. Ishita’s father hears this. Raman goes to Ishita’s father and apologizes for the child missing episode and their harassment by the police.

Raman’s mother sees in the morning that his pillow is wet. She understands that her son cries secretly. She is now desperate to fight for her son. She decides to visit Shagun’s place and beg Ruhi from her. Mr Valla tries to prevent her, but for no result. She takes Romi with him and visits Shagun’s house. Shagun tells her that it should be settled in court.

Ashok calls Raman and taunts him saying that Raman is not able to fight in the court, so he is using his mother’s emotion to win sympathy from everyone. Raman is shocked as he has no hint of his mother’s recent action, her visit to Ashok’s house.

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