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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar: Situation Is Worse After Moneylender Calls Neil

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar's 1st October episode: Ranvir cleverly deletes the mail with the details of Neil’s financial crisis. He meets Pam in a café to discuss the matter. Pam tells him that Nivedita will share the facts with Neil at any cost! Pam suggests that they should share the matter with Ragini, because Ragini will understand it and she will be able to tackle Neil! Aarav tells his friend that he doesn’t care if people identify him as a criminal and refuses to give a job. He will start his own venture and make his father proud.

The moneylender calls Neil and asks for an amount of thirty five lakhs. He says that Jignesh’s father has given him Neil’s number, as Neil committed to repay the debt. Neil agrees and commits that he will deposit the money in his bank account.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar: Situation Is Worse After Moneylender Calls Neil

Neil calls Pam and asks for his cheque book. He mentions that he has to pay thirty five lakhs to the moneylender. Pam is shocked. She says that she has forgot the cheque book at Karan’s house.

Pam shares this problem with Ranvir and says she must ask Karan for help. They visit Karan’s house immediately. Before Pam says anything, Dimpy and Karan share the news that they have bought a new hotel, investing all the money they had. Pam cannot ask for help anymore.

Agham calls Karan and tells him that he is in love with Suman. He shows Suman and adds that he has introduced himself as a servant! Suhani and Karthik take Nishi for a coffee break. Jignesh comes to the café. Suhani tells Nishi that she has invited Jignesh.

Nishi becomes angry and tells Suhani that she should have mentioned it before. She also says that she cannot think of a restart with Jignesh because his parents did not bother to talk with her, while her parents have made several attempts to reunite them. It cannot be one-sided, says Nishi and leaves the café!

Nivedita calls Neil to see his reaction after getting her mail. His normal behavior tells her that he has not gone through the mail. She thinks she should try something new.

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