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Agni Varsham

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10 May 2016


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
  • khasim a month ago

    Really it will become a huge flop..... Plz don't release it.... I saw the Hindi version. It is dubbed.... M ur big big fan.... Plz don't waste money upon it....

  • reddy 2 years ago

    hey man u don't disappoint of this movie why means this is remaking in Telugu and they will change the story and scene OK

  • peram 3 years ago

    sir u r always doing different different movies ,meru keka sir wat abt this movie sir,ur styles very nice

  • ray 3 years ago

    I have already watch this movie when I was in 12th in college..i bunked college to watch this movie...this was my first movie in theatre..this movie is actually in hindi as Agni Varsha with same's 6-7 years old movie and i cannot forget this movie becasue it was my first movie in theatre and it was a huge flop and huge disappointment...i was wondering as to why did I even had to go to watch this worthless movie...warning:don't waste money to watch this money or else you'll regret and you'll know why.

  • sathwik 4 years ago

    Good title.hope good film and story

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