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Arundhati (A)

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16 Jan 2009


Arundhati (Anushka) is the great grand daughter of the Raja of Gadwal Mahasamsthan. Arrangements are being made for her marriage. Arundhati visits her native ...
  • ganesh 5 years ago

    please arundhati (telugu) movie translate the hindi in please send me my my email -

  • raj 6 years ago

    Jejammaaa Maayammmmaaaaaaaaaa.

  • mahendra 6 years ago

    I once again recalled the voice of S V Rangarao by hearing Ravi Shankar voice which is given to sonu sood excellent......

  • jaanu 7 years ago

    its wonder ful film ever. very nice. this has beet the film The mummy also. excellent

  • avinchowdhary 7 years ago

    THE movie waz pretty good.i hav never excepted movie like this in telugu.i really appreciate the risk taken by Mr.ShyamPrasadReddy after a disaster Anji.coming to the main lead anushka she had done a fabuluos job,hope she could continue entertaining with similar kind of roles.And one would never forget the voice given to were impressive and realistic.Finally the movie waz worthwatching. Warning:watch it only in theatres.

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