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B4 Marriage

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22 Apr 2011


B4 Marriage is all about four young chaps who call themselves as SS Rajamouli, VV Vinayak, Sekhar Kammula and Srinu Vaitla. The entire film is about their ...
  • prabhakar-padala 4 years ago

    nice film yar but Surya your acting is very little enought.

  • analyser 5 years ago

    strange you have seen the movie before it's release. is it a silly comment?

  • analyser 5 years ago

    don't eat your lunch daily pls. Then you can know what is life and what is struggle.Can you imagine how much efforts have been by some people in this movie? They are doing this just for their ambitions not to play with their lives. If you can encourage them encourage.just don't discourage them.people suffering just because of the mistake made by the producer.

  • analyser 5 years ago

    vijay and manoj are the best credits for the movie.They can do wonders in the film world. Don't give worst comments to discourage people. People who criticize so easily are not struggled for their lives so that they can give discouraging comments. Ask the producer who spoiled the movie. pls try to know the facts before commenting.

  • kantha-reddy 5 years ago

    dnt see dis movie plz..

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