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Babu Bangaram (U/A)


2 hrs 30 mins

12  Audience Reviews

143 Ratings

Release Date

12 Aug 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: October 12, 2016 03:32 PM IST

సినిమాలో ఆసక్తికర అంశాలే ఏమీ లేవు. కేవలం టైమ్ పాస్ కోసం అయితే ఓకే. అది కూడా ఫస్టాఫ్ వరకు మాత్రమే. ట్రైలర్ చూసి సినిమా బొబ్బిలి రాజా రేంజిలో ఉంటుందని ఊహించుకుని వెళితే నిరాశ తప్పదు.

Finally, If you keep your expectations in check and ignore the routine story line, you can happily watch this time pass entertainer with your entire family.

On a whole, Babu Bangaram is a commercial entertainer with some box office potential.

Venkatesh gets it right; those of you who love to watch Venky in a light-veined role should watch this. As for the flaws, they are glaring.

Babu Bangaram turns out to be a tedious watch after a point and it couldn't redeem itself despite the desperate attempts to create fun. But he has let Venkatesh and everybody down with Babu Bangaram. This film could disappoint you even if you go with low expectations. You may safely skip it.

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