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Bangaru Kodipetta (U/A)

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07 Mar 2014
Bangaru Kodipetta is a romantic crime comedy thriller in which, Navdeep and Swati are playing the main lead roles.


Bhanumati Pinnieseetty (Swati Reddy), who lives in Krishna Nagar, is failed in Telugu medium 9th, but she wants to be in English medium. She works for a Cola Company at a Mall, she ambitious, dreamer and spires to be rich. She is willing to take any risk for it. When She loses her job, her ambitious self decides to risk it all for an inside robbery and she approaches her co-worker Vamsi (Navadeep) with the idea.

Vamsi is a talented and go-getter guy, but only for himself. He jumps at the a chance to make some quick cash, when Banu asks him for help. Banu and Vamsi reach an agreement. Vamsi agrees to help her, but her prefers to work alone. What results is nothing he ever bargained for. What happens next will for the crux of the story.
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