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Evaraina Epudaina (U)

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26 Jun 2009


Evaraina Epudaina is a romantic movie in which, Venkat (Varun) who is a degree holder and Is playing a character of happy-go-lucky guy in this movie, When he ...
  • arun 7 years ago

    the songs come and go and you just wonder whether there's any reason for them... heroine was not up to the one scene heroine seems as if she will throw away anything for biryani...comedy is too naive...good artists like Ali were under utilised... primary thing is that u have to ignore logic while seeing this movie ( I agree imagination is part of a movie but still....).. I couldn't sit till the end of the movie.

  • gokul 7 years ago

    The movie was not up to the excpectations.First half was too boring.second half had good comic scenes.This movie was purely love based like other movies.It has got a same routine story,but a gud above average movie.........

  • abhilash 7 years ago

    Saw the movie this afternoon, later regretted that I should have waited for the reviews to come out before actually going to see the movie. The movie started well, thought it had a happy days kind of a beginning, but turned out to be a pain to sit through the movie, especially the second half. The first half was funny at very few places. Ali had a few moments, I thought varun was good all through out - the same old happy days accent, the heroine is quite pretty but looks older to him by at least 5 years - looks like a big behenji to him, all the songs sounded alike, except one that's being played on the radio stations all day. Go watch it if u have to watch some movie, because its much better than the other ones around.

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