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Gaayam 2 (A)

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03 Sep 2010


Gaayam 2 is sequel of blockbuster telugu movie Gayam (1993) and it is an action thriller based movie in which, Jagapathi Babu and Vimala Raman playing the main ...
  • rgv 5 years ago

    Yes, When i watched "A History of Voilence", The person i thought was Ram Gopal Varma, I know He would Definitely make a Moive with the story line. But unfortunately he made a hybrid stroy involving politics and gang war, The Trailer definitely shows xerox copy of scenes, where jagapahi babu hits a bad guy's face with tea jug, taking the gun from him and shooting bullets, and the jagapahti style of looking at the gun with worry. some what comedy like thing... pls dont imitate hollywood movies in telugu industry,it will never suite for those people. I AM a Great Fan of " A HISTORY OF VOILENCE", I could not tolerate this.... RGV pls try Remake of the hollywood movie.

  • cherryz 5 years ago

    Story is copied from Hollywood movie called "A History of Violence" 2005 release. when i have seen this movie in 2007 and expected it to be copied in Tollywood with cast Balaya but never expected Jagapathibabu as hero and also naming the title Gayam 2. This is awesome... Hope Jagapathi Babu has done very well. All the best.

  • sekhar 5 years ago

    hope the movie be hit all the best to the new director

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