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Gaganam (U)

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11 Feb 2011


Gaganam movie is thriller based movie in which, Nagarjuna is playing a distinct role that has never been played by him ever before. Nag, who is considered as ...
  • siva-reddy 5 years ago

    what a fantastic role play by all this film we only see characters not actors .only brahmi looked as actor rest of all lived in their roles but film smell in tamil lingustic try to make pictures in telugu accest although you select tamil directors

  • manikanta-bullayya-vsp 5 years ago

    movie vey nice, its very diff to watch. interesting etc...... rating 4/5

  • manohar-bommuluri 5 years ago

    Very good movie by Mr Nagarjuna , the celluloid scientist . He is a gem of telugu industry. This movie a good Experiment and execution. Nag's acting is very natural and close to the character.

  • upender 5 years ago

    i am a fan of pavan kalyan but i saw nag's gaganam movie it's gd movie thanks to nag & team

  • guptha 5 years ago

    nag continue doing experimental movies like this. movie was excellent

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