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Idi Prema Katha Kadu

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25 May 2016


Idi Prema Katha Kadu is a bilingual movie being made in Telugu and Hindi versions. Bollywood actress Mahi Gill is roped in for the role of Maria Susai Raj ...
  • chandra-kota 4 years ago

    Not a love story film flopped in hindi otherwise i watched 3 more times. I want to act in ur film sir.okka chance please. Contact no. 9033929367. Age 20.

  • kalyan-chakravarthi 4 years ago

    SiR ThErE aRe No WoRd's To SaY cOz YoU aRe ThE rEaLlY hUnTeR oF cInEmAs AlWaY's YoU aRe ReLoAdEd WiTh ThE nEw SToRiEs & NeW cOnCePt's & HeNcE wE aRe WaItInG foR uR nXt MoViE bLaSt

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