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Jai Bolo Telangana (A)

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04 Feb 2011


Jai Bolo Telangana is a honest and realistic movie and also it covers the latest mass movement of Telanaga. It is backed by a good story based on human ...
  • bharath 4 years ago

    I agree with you dear... so selfish.. he is fit for nothing

  • jhansi 4 years ago

    dont worry we are not doing movement for KCR. Atleast he better than YSR, who promised telangana in his party manifesto and didnt keep his word. congress is dongalamuta. Sonia came to our state and promised and now changed her words. KCR atleast he started the movement. BUT ITS PURELY PEOPLE MOVEMENT

  • jhansi 4 years ago

    Dear Yuvaraj, you mean to say that marriage shoulnt break, even though drunken husband(Non telagana) rapes wife(Telagana) and beats her every day from so many years. We were separate earlier and can live separately. you dont worry about us. We are ready to face any disaster but not ready to take injustice anymore. WE DONT WANT ANDHRA AND RAYALASEEMA POLITICIANS DANCING ON OUR HEAD ( anhdra politicians are buffaloes who eat us and Rayalaseema politicians are split personalities who confuse us). so.... GO BACK

  • chandra 4 years ago

    This is a good movie, Telangana people will know their telangana culture, telangana people life style, people will know what is the need of seperate telangana.

  • reddy 5 years ago

    dear All telangana guys, pls note KCR vunnanathavarku TELANGANA radhu radhu, bcoz KCR center loo dabbhu thintunnadu, eela thie vadiki telangana ela thestadu, telangana kosam emi poradu thadu KSR cheatha na koduku

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