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Kudirithe Kappu Coffee (U)

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25 Feb 2011


Kudirithe Kappu Coffee is romantic love story based movie in which, Venu (Varun Sandesh) hate the word love because his friend suicide over love so he dont ...
  • nagaraj 5 years ago

    hi varun really good film and suma has new done good job in this film screen play and u r acting is very very nice and it is the strength to this pitcher and all the best

  • sagsr 5 years ago

    n noit satisfied yet but i really say go movieby handling zandubalm it make u relife

  • arun-kumar 5 years ago

    hi varun,. iam arun frm khammam today is my parents marriage day suggested this movie . not as a good one but thought this would be better in present movies... they came with a biiggggggggggg happyn3ess... god... i was reallyl... soundless. just told to go as the day is special to them but.. my god nejam. nerupinchukuntunnaru meru local films lo mamulu educated person movies ela select chesukogalado... it should be lesson to other industry fellows...

  • dhanunjaya 5 years ago

    one more thing i forgot to tell "DONT TELL THIS TO ANYONE"

  • dhanunjaya 5 years ago

    Movie is super.. Direction is ultimate... those Locations superb... suma action is also good..varun's action good but we are expecting much more than this..nice to see those cartoons in middle .. .Nice movie to watch with family...

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