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Mayabazar (Old)

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27 Mar 1957


Mayabazar is drama based movie in which, During the Pandavas Agnyatavasa (period of exile), Arjuna sends his wife Subhadra and their son Abhimanyu to Dwaraka ...
  • palakodety-venkata-rama-sharma 3 years ago

    maya bazar is always going to be the number one movie of telugu film industry.No one can dare to dispute this fact.It should be protected by all concerned and preserved for future generations.It is a marvel in every department of movie production.Every telugu person should study it to the minutest detail. Research should be conducted with the help of living legends of that time like ANR,and bring out a voluminous thesis on all aspects of that film. Thank u.

  • mani 5 years ago

    the only movie with good screenplay still now in telugu movie industry and charters roles are well balanced and hatts of director Kadri Venkata Reddy now we required such director to telugu movie.

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