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Money Money More Money

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26 Aug 2011


Money Money More Money movie is a sequel to RGV's Money movie and remake of the Hindi film Darwaja Bandh Rakho it is a comedy based movie in which, the story ...
  • shekar 4 years ago

    First kick the ram gopal varma from tollywood he makes always flop movies. He is wasting everyones valuable time.

  • vish 4 years ago

    While its a remake of darwaja bandh rakho, it is dealt with some of the subtle performances by bramhanandam, JD, Brahmaji. Very entertaining ... doesn't have any unnecessary songs and dragging sequences ... certainly a good watch.

  • bramha-chakravarthy 4 years ago

    This is the biggest flop of the year ... Movie is filled with unnecessary dialogs , cheap scripting, tried a lot to bring out comedy but did not work out. I give ZERO (0) if i have to rate this movie.

  • chakri 4 years ago

    This movie was an attempt of comedy , but first half lacks comedy,not up to the mark ,second half a bit comedious,but the hilarious attempt landed in to bit stupid comedy . in the posters we can see khandada is back. But bhramhandam is a skimpy piece of art .my Rating 1 /5 ...

  • rahul 4 years ago


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