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Nene Mukhya Mantri Naithe


Action - Drama

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Release Date

10 Apr 2009


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
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  • ajay-sharma 5 years ago

    Was Narendra Mandalappa Naidu deported from USA? FBI and ICE arrested him back in December 2005.

  • shravan-raju 5 years ago

    This Narendra Naidu is the same person as Narendra Mandalappa aka Ramesh Dashrth, who had committed Immigration Fraud in USA, an cheated a number of hard working Indians on H1B by not paying them salary & charging $20,000 for expedited Greencard processing. He is Mohan Babu's relative. Last time I met him, back in 2004, he looked so ugly with his beard, and ugly black coat. Now he looks like a typical casual labourer.

  • rekka 6 years ago

    sunaina is the world,s beauty girl & in tamil she is paired with the world,s handsome nakul in her first film & now they are acting in maashilaamani &rani annanagar