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Orange (U)

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26 Nov 2010


Orange - 'O' Range Love Story! it is stated to be a youthful entertainer based on today’s way of living of an NRI or for that matter a boy’s ...
  • krish 4 years ago

    very rod

  • nisha 4 years ago

    I love Telugu movies, don't get me wrong but this one was not what I was expecting from the director of Bommarillu. The acting [especially from Genelia] seems very forced and for the most part, annoying. The concept was slightly stupid at times - no one will really get injured nor flip that much from spray paint! But even with my disdain of most scenes, I ended up sitting those the whole movie. It was good in some aspects. The comedy was superb as expected with a superb comedy cast. Songs were entertaining and catchy. Clearly, this was an attempt to capture the youth [for a lack of better word] in India and foreign audiences. I cannot speak for those living in India but from my perspective, it was pretty stupid and annoying. Honestly, I expected better. They had a great idea but it was poorly performed and idiotic at times. Much love, Oka telugu cinema fan

  • bab 5 years ago

    gandu na kodaka akkada amaila vennka chopugaku damunte mega fans mundu chepu cheta veddava./....

  • bab 5 years ago

    nee yaaba.....

  • kamal 5 years ago

    nuvu keka aha

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