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Prasthanam (U)


Action - Drama

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16 Apr 2010
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By : Nagesh

On : 2010-04-16 17:03:54

however his character is subdued to a great extent especially when compared to the other two main characters in the film. Surekha Vani, Jeeva and Jayprakash Reddy pitch in credible performances.

Technical Departments: Mahesh Shankar’s background score is brilliant in the film,...
By : Radha

On : 2010-04-16 17:02:29

What is Good: The beauty of the film lies in how well Dev Katta paints almost all his characters with a lot of pain, anger and ambition. In any film the secret to great storytelling lies in unfolding the story page by page to give a sneak peek into the characters’ lives. This is exactly where...
By : Mahendra

On : 2010-04-16 16:59:18

All about : People have different perspectives about moral law and human values. Prasthanam vividly expresses one of my perspective.
Prasthanam is a poetic and intense character drama with an authentic human interaction throughout the film. Though it has political ambiance, the movie is...
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