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Sneha Geetham

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16 Jul 2010


Sneha Geetham is made with college backdrop and looks at the aims and aspirations of the present generation youth and The director shows the way of thinking of ...
  • suhass 5 years ago

    suprb film....sundeep ur d bst, ur performance in prasthanam z great. every one did well.... u all r future stars.....all d bst 2 ur future... good luck

  • swapna 5 years ago

    sneha geetam is awesome film......this is the best.....certainly this film going to be awarded.......all d bst to everyone who worked in z big '+' to film....venky's character is will inspire d youth......shreya ur acting was improved...all d bst to cast........... finally thanks to director for give a great film to people........thanks a lot.....

  • vijay 5 years ago

    The picture is neat, clean and well made. The director handled the story well. make up and camera in some areas should have been better. Venky, Shreya, Chaitanya and sandeep acted very well. They will have an excellent future if handled by good directors as they have a good potential. It was never felt that they are all first timers to the industry.

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