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Snehamante Idera

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26 Oct 2001
Snehamante Idera is a remake version of tamil movie Friends and it is an story of two friends in which, Aravind (Nagarjuna), Chandru (Sumanth) and Krishna Murthy (Sudhakar) are childhood friends. They are inseparable.

Chandru and Krishna Murthy are orphans, who are generously brought up by the parents of Aravind. By the time they reach their 20's, Aravind's sister Amrita (Pratyusha) falls in love with Chandru. Chandru hesitates to love her, as she is the sister of his close friend Aravind.

Aravind encounters a cute girl Padmini (Bhoomika). When Padmini was about to get engaged to a third guy Chandru jumps in to spoil the party and announces that Padmini cheated Aravind after loving him.

Rest of the story is about why Chandru refusess tha marriage of Arvind with Padmini.
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