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Super (Hand Symbol) (U/A)

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11 Mar 2011


Subhash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra), stays in London and runs Gandhi and Gandhi, a multi-billionaire company. He loves India more than his life and he is a great ...
  • rajani-kanth 5 years ago

    nayanthar all time super star

  • chandan 5 years ago

    uppi.. u r great.. uppi super

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Upendra is a real star a must watch movie for every true indian

  • manoj 5 years ago

    nenu kooda kannadalo 2saari chusanu .very very super kashtapadda ishtapadda rocking track

  • kumar 5 years ago

    I heard abt uppi direction and i wil surely watch super and we frm andra waiting for movie

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