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Vengamamba (U)

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17 Jul 2009


Vengamamba is a story of a famous first Telugu poetess Tarigonda Vengamamba, a famous devotee of Lord Venkateshwara in the tenure of 1750-830....
  • mrudula 6 years ago

    bad publicity.. the only reason for the death of this great movie. so sad. noone can save the telugu movie industry. pity them.

  • shankara-narayan-rao 6 years ago

    nice movie. we enjoyed with family as yesterday i was off duty. but we didnt knoe that this film is there. we saw by mistake in crossroads and went. no publicity.

  • mohd-moizuddin-qazi 6 years ago

    Ye film behtareen hai. meena ne mast kiya. Khuda mein jitna taaqat hai, woh dikhaaye, beech mein muslim sentiment accha tha, woh zamaaney mein vengamamba muslims ko support ki. Woh bahut badi baat hai. Aisey films hit honi chaahiye. inshaallah.. ye hindi mein bhi accha

  • shankar-rao 6 years ago

    i agree with you. Its a very nice movie. We saw yesterday with our family. Felt happy.

  • rambabu-kondaparthi 6 years ago

    It is surprising and sad to know that a producer like doraiswamy raju is not doing publicity for such a movie. This is like throwing away a fortune. I pity the producer and the brilliant cast. for not utilizing this opportunity and make money along with the goodname wich they already have.

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