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Yemaindi Eevela (U/A)

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12 Nov 2010


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
  • shiva 4 years ago

    hi savitha

  • venu 5 years ago

    I don't know who is the director for this film, But I know this is only happening in USA(United States of Ameerpet). Girls coming from there native places to Hyd wil get wings and they think no one is concern about them. Cons: We no need to go other countries to see their culture, we can find all the countries culture in USA(Ameerpet). That is the power of USA(Ameerpet) Girls. They wear dresses like anything that we can't imagine. "But I don't know why they don't wear the same dresses in their native places and not even in their homes" Great United States of Ameerpet Girls. Hats Up.(Whether we need to Hats Up or something else, JUST THINK ONCE)

  • venu 5 years ago

    Good Film, That z really happening in Ameerpet Hyd. Must watch film, for Parents who allowing their children(Girls) to Ameerpet, Hyd to pursue courses there.

  • whenkey 5 years ago

    below avg movie.....its gonna be disaster ...lack of's not a love story,,,,,porn video of telugu......sampath nandi main villian of this movie......such a idoit,useless script..

  • bharani 5 years ago

    hai varun please come to pondicherry i want to see u atleast once.i saw happy happy gaa first day in mayjaal.i like balu most than other.KBL rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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