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NRI's dont quote high prices

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Many non resident of Indian are becoming exhibitors with hopes of making some extra income apart from the joy of actually being a part ofthe industry itselfa. Exhibitors in turn are increasing taking over distribution to prevent loosing money in their film exhibition deals and also to get more fame and name on websites. Ultimately, all of them are investing their hard earned money (after tax deduction) on "NRI" ( Non Refundable Investment). Most of us know and should remember that Telugu Maha Kavi of Maha Prasthanam Sri Sri's words "Thalli matalu chevina pettaka Pattanam lo Brathukudamani Bayalu derina batasariki yentha kashtam Yentha kashtam". Just because of the profitability of film distribution and the dream of distrubuting movies overseas, the reates that they quote are insanely high. These rates are "skyscraping" in 2006 as distributors quote prices double the price they offered for for a films worldwide rights. Please note that I am not implying for you to stop buying movies, to stop distributing telugu movies or to offend the distributors at all. It is just a request to analyze each NRI distributors real intentions and their contribution to the industry.

"We all know that all the movies are not block busters or not industry hits"
An NRI Away from home, away from family and friends and away from his Motherland in a new country tends to work harder, smarter. He uses his capability in the the place of his residence and puts into practice transfers his knowledge to the local work force. As a result, he is considered asset to the country of his residence. He ultimately looses money once he ventures into distribution&exhibition-just as Sri Sri said -"Mabbu Patti Gali kotti Vana vasthey Varadha vasthey baYam vesthey ........batasariki Yenth kashtam Yentha kashtam" -Cinema vesthey,loss vasthey, dabbulu pothey,appu chesthey.....Parayi desamlo brathukudamani bayalu derina NRI ki yentha kashtam yentha kashtam."

This is my plea to all foreign distributors/exhibitors. It costs us a lot to distribute/exhibittelugu films. Please prevent quoting high prices and predict loss of money with these ventures. I hope I have not offended anybody. Looking at the situation at hand, I sincerely urge all the movie distributors to start thinking about this matter....

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