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1: Nenokkadine Song 'Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha' Teaser: Viewers Love Kriti Sanon

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'Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha...' is one among the three popular songs in Sukumar's movie 1: Nenokkadine. The makers of the film have released the teaser of the music video of the track on December 21. The opening lines in the song mean 'I Love You' and lyricist Chandra Bose has taken inspiration from Konkani spoken in Goa. Devi Sri Prasad has composed this peppy number in a Caribbean Calypso style, which is suited for a beach-side dance. The beautiful picturisation is one of the main highlights in the song.

The teaser of 'Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha...' features Kriti Sanon chasing Mahesh Babu on a beach and begging him to take her as a girlfriend. This video has been watched by more than 5.5 lakh people on YouTube and most of them have fallen in love Kriti Sanon and they can't lauding her expressions and her chemistry with Mahesh Babu. See audience's comments and snaps of the teaser in the slideshow.


Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Aww Tuzo Kortha Song Teaser Views Crossed 3lakh ++ Mahesh Anna Handsome Looking In Aww Tuzo Kortha Song Specially Kriti Expresiions Fantastic

Abid Hussain Mohammed

Mahesh is looking very very.... Handsome n Kriti expressions are excellent

Deepu Pradeep

Mahesh Babu Looking Awesome ... New Style ...Looking Very Very Handsome kriti sanons expressions and dance moves are too gud!!

M Vamsi Chandra

No.1 hero mahesh in tlwd,no doubt,beautiful kriti,very beautiful than potti avg piece samanta

Rajesh Kancharla

Mamuluga audio avg avithene movie kekaluputtiddi mari audio keka pudithe inka monie sangathi assumeke ravatamledu i.e prince

Chitturibadri Vishal

I am not able to like the song during listening but its nice on the screen..

Ravi kumar

Mahesh is one and only one West coments chesthy mahi leval pergutundi tappa tagadu Mahesh super star

Prudhvi Tej

Hit like if u became die hard fan of kriti sanon after dis song <3


Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha Song gets its look bcz of our LOVELY & DASHNG & SEXY MAHESHhhhhh........ U r SUPERBbbbbbb..........

Keerthy Manoj

Awesum performance by princee... nd kriti <3 <3 <3 DSP ROCKZZZZZ..................

Manikanta Sarma

Super video.. really prince looking great in his new look..movie is going to make a super blast at theaters... n finally kriti is perfect beside mahesh babu..

RR Babu Raavi

Kriti through many heroins in future. she is nice, and all the best. samantha loud to talk about women but she is also doing same in the films.she think about women in the real society not films. films reflect society, she is not heartful cheep publicity she want.

Lekhya Rocks

E song chetta kani music keka and mahesh supebbbbbbb i like him soo much inka a ammayi parledu banai undi but i hate this song really

Neelima Meenaka

Omg!!! one sngs are slow poisoning.who r u nd aww tuzo mogh kortha r really suuupppppeeeeerrrrrrrrr

Venkat Kumar

Mahesh rocks...class hero ...kriti is just awesome...her expression mesmorizes me....best pair to mahesh...

Chinni Ammu

The song was fantastic and the teaser tooooo kriti is the best pair wid prince......

Kiran Kumar

Awsum "kriti" ... the expression by "kriti" at "am single" simply superb ........ love it

Vineet Babu

Arey krishna gaa mathi unde matladuthunnava raa song teaser chudagaane thelispodha raa cinema hit aah flop aah ani

Swaran Teja

Oh my god itd gonna rock what a excellent pair handsome mahi sexy krithi

Rakesh Gembali

Perfect pair for mahesh babu for the first time omg ....her expressions ...i saw this teaser like 100 times

Madhav Prashant

Kriti sanon makes this song worth watching with her luks ,dance n expressions


Lol people hating on Samantha because of that tweet need to chill. I love her, and I agree that tweet was uncalled for before the movie/the full song even came out (seeing this teaser, her pose in that poster actually makes sense now), but she wasn't calling Mahesh regressive nor Kriti, chill. I had nothing against Kriti to begin with, I was looking forward to her in this movie, but I'm definitely more for her after seeing this teaser. Her expressions look great and she's really tall too. You don't need to bash Samantha though to elevate Kriti. Kriti's still new, Sam's gonna be the better actress. But Kriti's prettier than Sam since Sam ruined her face now with plastic surgery.

Satvik bolisetti

E debbatho nenu kriti senon fan ayipoya ra babu............. super expressions......definetely she would rule the tfi in future.....for sure...

Lord Voldemort

Kashtam bhaiya! even I wish we get to see Kriti more! but mana Mahesh ok..kontha varaku Prabhas ok...migatha anthaaa potti batch e ga! Kriti ki ika bollywood e anukunta :( :(

Mahesh Ganesh

Mahesh anna ad records break inka kummesav song lo and kriti fell in love for jst only one xpression awesome

Abhilash Chalamala

In Present heroines, who can give such a cute expression in the lyric "Arey oo Rockstar im single"..I watched 1000 times this video for that expression. Superb Kriti..Became a fan of urs

Vijay Sai

wow mahesh is as usual awesome but look at kriti she is hot man all the best for you kriti dream debut ha


Super picturization...kriti suited mahesh perfectly...awesome pair...

Shaik Umarfarook

I loved dis songs... specially kriti's expression in dis song... when she says "arey o rockstar... iam single.


This teaser is awesome guys. she is beautiful in this romantic teasing song. of course mahesh also, with his silence and sharp looks at her.

Prasad Venkat

To be Honest This is going to be one of the finest songs in the coming chart busters

Matt Knight

Superb !! Mahesh and Kriti.... Awesome pair !! Loved her expressions <3 <3 !! Mahesh Rock's !!!

Sunny Bunny

Awesome beach ever indian cinema has seen.... gud prioritization. Thanks for super star Kriti and Sukku sir....

Aneesh Koppaka

superb kriti <3 love you ,prince mahesh babu we rock as usual ,this pair is way better than dookudu pair up

Jasmine Lin

Aw tuzo mogh kortha is "I LOVE U" in Konkani......My boyfriend is from Goa.... I'm going to show this song to him :)

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