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Photos: Telugu Celebrities with police records

With just days after the Jubilee Hills incident with actor Ram Charan Teja, he is back to work with shooting in Mumbai. Life moves on pretty easily with actors and actor family in Telugu Film Industry.

In the recent times, there have been many such instances where celebrities or celebrity family members have been under scrutiny for inappropriate public behaviour. Take for instance the Nagarjuna incident last year, there was a case filed against him for criminal intimidation and insulting the modesty of a women by a freelance writer. But the story simmered over time and no action was taken against the popular actor.

Balakrishna's son Tarakarama Mokshagna was found driving under influence last August. He was caught red handed by the police, when he tried running away after jumping out of his car. The police filed a case against him, but again no action followed.

Abhiram Daggubati, younger brother of the Rana Daggubati was booked for assault. An FIR was filed against this young man from the Daggubati family by a civil engineer for criminal intimidation, voluntarily causing hurt, and wrongful restraint. It does not come as a surprise that no arrest took place.

Manoj Manchu, son of actor producer Mohan Babu, allegedly assaulted another actor named Mahath in 2011. Mahath filed a complaint against Manoj for having physically hurting him repeatedly and also threatening to even kill him. There was no action taken against the celebrity son, who obviously has higher influence.

These instances show that the celebrities and their family have better immunity socially than any regular person. There also seems to be some sort of superior attitude among the celebrities. Does this have anything to do with the characters they play in Telugu Movies (all-powerful-heros).....can be a matter of endless discussion.

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