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Ram Gopal Varma Announces Launch Of New Telugu Film Industry

Just a day after he announced to auction his next Telugu movie Anukshanam starring Vishnu Manchu in the lead, Ram Gopal Varma has launched New Telugu Film Industry (NTFI). In his press statement released to the media, the filmmaker claims that NTFI precisely aims to destruct the Old Telugu Film Industry (OTFI) to construct something new.

Ram Gopal Varma said, "In my 25th year as a filmmaker I looked back at the past and now I am looking ahead into the new age technical systems of filmmaking and it is very clear to me, that we as a industry have become completely outdated. And that is not a bad thing..Change and adaptation is essential to evolution. And to construct something new it's very necessary to destruct the old. NTFI precisely aims to do that..."

The OTFI has evolved from a very ancient mindset akin to a prehistoric era of film technology and shooting methods and is still continuing to promote the same through their outdated methods. The OTFI's film institutes actually belong to the dinosaur age and I pity those poor students who are being made to waste their efforts monies and time in learning things irrelevant to today's times..

Did anyone of you ever wonder why we are not having a wide variety of films that many other film industries across the world including Bollywood have? The primary reason is because the OTFI follows tradition blindly and is too scared to step out of line..The reason for that is fear of failure and cost recovery. Fear of failure is point less because just blindly following traditional methods also is not guaranteeing them success and in fact 90% of OTFI films are flopping anyway.

Cost recovery is a reality but in the NTFI ice cream method of cooperative film making there is no cost. So the NTFI will give rise to a new breed of film makers whose thinking will be radically different from the OTFI. They will be fearless because they have nothing to lose, confident because they are driven by passion and they are bound to tread on paths dreaded by the OTFI...NTFI can be the only way forward if at all we can ever hope to achieve global recognition. Global recognition will come only when we attempt to make Global films and OTFI doesn't dream of that even in its nightmares. Continue to read about RGV's concept of NTFI in the slideshow.

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