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Monday, September 18, 2006
A worthy film on 'Jogini' system
Only a few people make film with a social cause without bothering about the commercial values. Shekhar Yalamanchi earned a place among such people with his flick Ganga. He himself directed and produced the film to fight against a social stigma called 'Jogini' system. Shekhar was able to explain specifically the problems faced by joginis, who were forced to satiate the lust of some crooked village elders. Girls used to be sacrificed by some families, for their forcible conversion as 'joginis'. As per the system, joginis will be married to the God in a tender age, and satiate the lust of village elders after attaining puberty. Later, they will become a property of all the males in the village.

Katamayya (Jayaprakash Reddy) is the landlord and Ganga (Priyanka) is the daughter of Ranganna (Chandramohan). Patel forces Ganga to turn a jogini. Shankar (Venugopal) who was doing a research on jogini system visits the village. He comes to know about Ganga through Devakka (Tara). He decides to eradicate the system. Shankar once meets Narsanna (Ranganath), another good landlord of the same village. Narsanna's son Suryam (Ajay) gets a slap from Ganga and wants to take revenge. Shankar and Ganga fall in love. Suryam challenges the villagers to win her in 'Utla Pandaga' with a condition that only people from that village are allowed to participate. However, Shankar proved to be none other than the son of Rajeswar @ Rajanna (Suman), younger brother of Devakka. The film ends on a happy note with Shankar wins hands down as Suryam realizes all his follies.

The subject in itself is a big plus point. Songs by Andesri are another highlight. Andesri, penned excellent songs for Ganga in folk style. The audience could imagine the scene while listening to the lyric. The literature is very good, though written in Telangana slang. At the same time Koti's musical support added flavour to it. Dialogues penned by the director himself assisted by Andesri were also extraordinary. Especially the dialogues written for Rangasani character are worth listening. Performance by national award winner artiste Tara, Eswari Rao, Sivaparvathi, Jayaprakash Reddy and Ranganath could also be said as highlight. Cinematography by Ram Pinisetty is okay.

The director was able to give a gripping screenplay and went deep into the subject and made the audience involved in the film in the first half. The narration is very slow because of his poor directorial ability. However, he was able to drive his point home straight into the minds of the people. The slow narration picks up momentum at one go and he lost grip on the subject in the second half as the audiences felt that it moved very fast when compared with the first half. But for this slow pace and fast pace of narration, there is nothing much to say as minus. Though there is hero and heroine, they got very little importance in the film as the story in itself turned a hero.

Director Shekhar did not find any hassles and embarrassment. All the scenes in the film are specific on the subject. Though the directorial abilities are not too great, he was able to explain what he wanted to tell the people. Cinematography by Ram Pinisetty is worth mentioning. A nice film on Jogini, Matangi, Basvi, Dasi and Devadasi systems.

Cast:Venugopal, Ajay, Tara, Priyanka, Eswari Rao, Chandramohan, Ranganath, Suman, Jayaprakash Reddy, Babumohan, Raghubabu, Duvvasi Mohan, Srinivas Reddy, Venumadhav, Rallapalli, Sivaparvathi, Delhi Rajeswari.

Dialogues - Andesri, Yalamanchi Sekhar
Lyrics - Andesri
Music - Koti
Cinematography - Ram Pinisetty
Editing - V Nagireddy
Action - Super Anand
Screenplay, Producer and direction - Yalamanchi Sekhar.
Banner - Maitri Kala Mandir.
Released on - September 15, 2006.

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