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Theneteegalu Review

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Monday, August 13, 2007
Rekha and Mallika Sherawat play Subhadra and Padmini. Padmini is Subhadra's niece. They both live very luxurious lives. They maintain their high standard of life by luring rich men with their extreme beauty. One of them married a rich man and then the other comes and tempts him away from the other. In this way, they get rich. The married one demands that the couple get divorced and demand a huge sum of money as a divorce settlement.

One of the men that they cheat is Paresh Rawal. Subhadra marries him and Padmini lures him to her. Seeking a divorce, Subhadra asks for a settlement of 50 lakhs. They take the money, fly to Malaysia and play the same game there. They get hold of a rich millionaire NRI in Malaysia and cheat him out of his money.

Bur Madhu is not able to get Subhadra out of his head. Even after they divorce, he searches for her . He finds out her where about in Malaysia and goes there. Aa he reached there, he gets to know of their plan to cheat another rich man out of his money. In anger Madhu demands his money back. In order to repay him, she tries to play the same game with her present boyfriend.

Madhu realizing that his demand is spoiling another girl’s life gives up on his demand. By the time all the damage and heartbreak is already done. Subhadra and Padmini set things right: they get back with their respective lovers.

Madhu then demands his money back. In order to repay him the money, Padmini gets ready to cheat her boyfriend, though she loves him very much. But realising that his demand for money is spoiling the life of a girl, Madhu decides to give up his demand. But by that time the damage occurs. In the climax Subhadra realises her folly and unites Padmini with her boyfriend and she also joins Madhu for a happy married life.

Despite being old Rekha has managed to keep up the glamourous look and complete with young hottie Mallika Sherawat. The director Goutham Menon cast these two beauties keeping their glamour in mind. Paresh Rawal and Satish play the two main male actors in the film. The film has the male actors being overshadowed by the female actors.

The only good part of the movie is the glamour quotient courtesy Rekha and Mallika Sherawat. The director has played his role well. The films beautiful shooting locations enhance the film. The romantic scenes in the film have absolutely nothing to boast of. Two of the songs in the film have been done in a refined manner. One Mallika song in particular is a feast for the eyes of the young Cinema fans.

The film is not recommendable for family audiences. It can be conveniently ignored.


Cast: Rekha, Mallika Sherawat, Paresh Rawal and Satish Shah
Dialogues and Lyrics: Bharatibabu
Presenter: Atluri Venkata Ranga Rao,
Producer: Suryasekhar
Screenplay and Direction: Goutham Menon
Banner: Chilukuru Balaji Productions
Released on: August 10, 200

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