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Break Up - Movie Review

Written by: Sadasiva K

Amar Kamepalli is turning director with the Telugu movie Break Up, which features newcomers Ranadhir and Swathi Deekhit in the lead roles. The film, which has hit the marquee today, will live up to the expectations that it has created prior its release. It is a feel good experience and will impress youth.

Break Up is a romantic entertainer, which is based on some real incidents happened in Hyderabad four years ago. Ranadir's performance, Swathi's glamour, Prashanth and Sumalatha's screenplay, Indus Gharana's music, Satish Mutyala's cinematography and few sentimental dialogues are the highlights of the movie. Some illogical scenes and slow-paced narration are its biggest drawbacks.

Amar Kamepalli has taken a simple romance drama, which revolves around the phenomenon of spurious love relationships breaking up as fast as they come into existence. Break Up is neither an intense nor a reincarnation story. Yet it is an interesting watch because the director has added several twists and turns in the narration.

This love story has been narrated with some cliched elements. But the narration is very slow in the first of Break Up and tests the patience of the viewers. Unconvincing flashback and some illogical scenes make it worse in the second half of the movie. The climax is predictable.

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