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Sukumarudu - Movie Review: 3 Hours of Pain!

The story is about a rich young guy, Sukumar (Aadi) who lives abroad. His family is back home in a beautiful village. Hero comes back because of some reason (property), there is a beautiful girl waiting to fall in love (Nisha Aggarwal), hero faces difficulty from few family members and what follows is how the hero manages to win hearts (and property).

A tiny difference, Sukumar, in the beginning is money minded and shows traits of selfishness. He comes back to the village with the intention of inheriting 150 Crores(!) from his grandmother Vandanamma (Sharada). Obviously when such a big amount is involved, there would be some difficulty, here, the difficulty is in the form of Rao Ramesh, his uncle. So much drama without songs is unthinkable, so, there is Sankari (Nisha). Problem solved, throw in some unwanted songs and a love track.

Will Sukumar succeed in getting the property? What happens with the love story? What happens with the grandmother? - form the three hour movie.

Positives and Negatives
Positive will definitely be Krishna and Sharad's presence and performances. Not much else to boost about in the film. Acting from both the lead actors can be said superficial.

It is easier to pin point many negatives, but considering the effort put in to make a big movie needs appreciation as well. Having said that, the movie could have been made a lot shorter. If the filmmakers had put more interest in coming up with a better script, than making sure, they had all the various elements (a village backdrop, NRI hero, family sentiment, multiple comedians, etc) - this movie would have made more sense.

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