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Ice Cream - Movie Review

Ram Gopal Varma is a maverick filmmaker, who is known for his crime and horror thrillers. But except Rowdy, most of his directorial ventures have bombed at the Box Office. He is now back with another horror movie. Titled Ice Cream, the film features Navdeep and Tejaswi Madivada in the lead roles. He has introduced flow-cam technology to Tollywood with this film, which has released in theatres today (July 12).

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As it is said above, Ice Cream is a horror movie and Navdeep and Tejaswi's fantastic performances are the main highlights of the film. Ram Gopal Varma's realistic script, Pardyodhan's amazing background score, Anji's brilliant cinematography and good art direction are other attraction of the film. The slow-paced narration is one big draw-back that kills the patience of the viewers. A better editing could have saved it.

Most of Ram Gopal Varma's recent movies have been inspired by real incidents and his latest venture is not an exception to this trend. Ice Cream is based on actual events happened in Bangalore on June 26 2012. The movie is all about two medical students feeling paranormal activities at their new apartment in the city. The director has done good work in scripting the film and has good grip on the narration of the show.

But the biggest problem with Ice Cream is that the narration is extremely slow and the things never really start. In the first half of the film the director tries to establish the horror element with Tejaswi sensing eerie and scaring things happening around her. He shows various characters beaten up and killed in the second half. He successfully makes the viewers watch the film biting their nails.

Renu (Tejaswi Madivada) is a medical student. Along with her boyfriend Vishal (Navdeep), she moves into a new apartment in Bangalore. Vishal accidentally displaces a graven image that leads Renu to feel a series of eerie sounds and unnatural things happen around her. When she narrates the same things to Vishal, he does not believe her and dubs her problem as her mental disorder. However, he stays wake up to check what she is telling is true or not. What happens next will form the crux of the story.

Ram Gopal Varma has tapped out brilliant performance from all the actors and among them, Tejaswi's acting stands on the top. She has done a brilliant job. As her boyfriend, Navdeep has also delivered good performance, Sarasvathi, Chanti, Sandeepti and other artiste have also done justice to their roles.

Sound design and camera work are two technical aspects that are very crucial for a horror film and these two things are brilliant in Ice Cream, which has decent production values. In this movie, Ram Gopal Varma has introduced Flow Sound and Flow Camera technologies, which are the main highlights. Other technical departments have delivered a commendable jobs.

Overall, Ice Cream has interesting storyline, good performances by actors and decent production values, but the dragging narration kills the interest of the viewers. Good editing could have saved it. Continue to read Ice Cream review by viewers in the slideshow.

Ice Cream
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