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Laddu Babu - Movie Review

Allari fame writer and director Ravi Babu's latest venture Laddu Babu has been creating ripples in the media, ever since it was announced. Especially, Allari Naresh's prosthetic make-up has soared up the viewers' curiosity and expectations to the sky high. The movie, which has hit the screens across the globe today, fails to live up to its pre-release hype and expectations.

Written and directed by Ravi Babu, Laddu Babu is a romantic comedy entertainer with a few commercial ingredients. Allari Naresh's performance is the main highlight in the film. Chakri's music, beautiful picturisation, a few sentimental scenes in the climax and wonderful makeup work are its other attractions. But the biggest drawback of the film is that it has too many illogical scenes and it lacks entertainment quotient.

Director Ravi Babu, who has given a few hit movies, has chosen an illogical story that has very little content in it. There is barely any story in the first half, which is quite boring with a few illogical scenes. In terms of story, nothing much happens in the second half. A few sentimental scenes in the climax part may impress you. Allari Naresh is known for his light-hearted comedy, but the film, which lacks it, disappoints the film goers.

Laddu Babu (Naresh) is a very obese guy, who undergoes lot of humiliation due to his size. His father Kishtaiah (Kota Sreenivasa Rao) has an ancestral property, which he can claim only after Laddu Babu's marriage. So Kishtaiah tries to get him married as early as possible, but his efforts go in vein. Meanwhile, Laddu Babu falls in love with a girl named Maya (Poorna). After she rejects his love, Laddu Babu decides to shed his weight.

At this juncture a kid named Murthy and his mother (Bhoomika Chawla), who is a widow, enter the life of Laddu Babu. What does happen next? Will he marry anyone? Will his father be able to acquire his ancestral property? Answers to all these questions will form the crux of the movie.

Allari Naresh has a never-played-before role in Laddu Babu and as an obese guy, he has delivered superb performance. He has tried his best to carry the film on his shoulders. Actress Bhoomika Chawla has done her best and her performance is a big asset of the film. Poorna has tried to do justice to her role. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Venu Madhav and others have also done justice to their respective roles.

Chakri's music and background score, cinematography and makeup are some of the main attractions in the technical front. But editing is the biggest drawback. The editor could have chopped off several illogical scenes and reduced the length of the film.

Overall, Laddu Babu is an average fare. Instead of entertaining, the movie bores the viewers. It could be a big disappointment for the fans of Allari Naresh as it lacks his kind of comedy. Continue to read Laddu Babu Movie Review by viewers in the slideshow.

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