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Angels And Demons

No Angels and Demons in multiplexes

Last Friday, all over India Hollywood film, Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks was released. But the release has been mostly restricted to single screens and no big multiplexes. The reason being...
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Angels And Demons Review

Angels and Demons the sequel to The Vinci Code has finally hit the theatres amidst controversy. The Ron Howard directed movie is based on Dan Brown’s book by the same name which incidentally...
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Tom Hanks helped bride get to church on time

London, (ANI): American actor Tom Hanks showed his chivalrous side when he halted the production of his new film, and rushed to the aid of an Australian bride who got stuck in traffic. Hanks, 52,...
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Angels and Demons tops weekend box office

Washington, May 18 (ANI): Tom Hanks' Angels and Demons topped the weekend box office after raking in 48 million dollars. According to studio estimates, the new Star Trek movie came second...
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Tom Hanks loves loose woman

London, (ANI): Tom Hanks has confessed that he admires British talk show ‘Loose Women’. The Terminal actor recently appeared on the programme, which consists of a panel of four women...
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Tom Hanks defends Angels and Demons

New York, (ANI): Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has come out in defence of his new film Angels and Demons, insisting there's 'nothing sacrilegious' in the film. "People will see there's nothing...
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Vatican bans Da Vinci Code prequel from Rome

London (ANI): Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard will have a tough time filming two key scenes in their new flick Angels and Demons, based on Dan Brown"s novel of the same name, for the Vatican has...
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