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Bigg Boss Kannada 2

Sudeep And Salman To Be Neighbors?

There is a high probability that Sandalwood superstar Sudeep and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, will be neighbors for a weekend. Sudeep and Salman are host of Bigg Boss. While Sudeep is hosting...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 81 Highlights

The participants of the Bigg Boss Kannada 2 were surprised by the luxury budget items they received. The participants had opted item more than the alloted budget. However, Guruprasad was not happy...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 80 Highlights

The 2nd day of the luxury budget task continued in the Bigg Boss Kannada 2. The participants were randomly made to become a statue. The previous day, relatives of Guruprasad, Srujan and Deepika had...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 79 Highlights

A new luxury budget task was given this week for the contestants. The game of 'Statue' is luxury budget task this week. All the participants had to become a statue whenever Bigg Boss said the word...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 78 Highlights

Day after the elimination, Guruprasad, Akul and Deepika were discussing about what transpired during the elimination process. Deepika pulled Guruprasad's legs for not choosing to save her....
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Sakkat Sunday 11

The Bigg Boss Kannada 2 has completed 75 days. The show is just a couple of weeks from completion. On Saturday, Neetu was eliminated from the show. Neetu was strong contestant in the house. This...
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