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Chinna Cinema

Chinna Cinema movie is a romantic comedy entertainer in which, Ramu (Arjun Kalyan), who moves to the USA in search of a job and joins a grocery shop.

His father (Surya) is an ardent follower of Bapiraju (M Balayya), who runs a special orphanage called Ramalayam, and he tries to help Ramalayam with the money sent by his son. But a greedy politician tries to take over Ramalayam. What happens to Ramalayam will form the rest of the story.

Chinna Cinema - Movie Review

Debutante AK Kambhampati is an NRI, who has given up his job to purse his dream of filmmaking. His passion, dedication and hard work are clearly visible in his debut directorial venture Chinna...
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