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Chintakayala Ravi

Namo Venkatesa getting ready for release

Namo Venkatesa, starring handsome Venkatesh and the sweety Trisha is getting ready for release. The makers are planning to get it released for sankranthi. The actor is very much looking forward to...
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KIKK lyric books for 10 Lakhs!

It is customary in Bollywood to print quality lyric books with the film's stills to accompany the music CD. Nallamalupu Bujji, who produces KIKK (Konchem Ishtamga, Konchem Kashtamga) admires this...
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Why you cannot afford to miss King?

The next big release anticipated in Telugu film industry is the Nagarjuna starrer King. Launched on April 7 2008, the movie will be passed by Censor Board any time now and is planned for release on...
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Yogi directs Venkatesh

Popular producer Nallamalupu Srinivas (Bujji), who had brought out successful films like Lakshyam and Lakshmi under the banner of Lakshmi Narasimha Productions, is planning a new movie again with...
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Ravi Teja, Anushka in new film

Ravi Teja and Anushka will star in a new film produced by Suresh Babu. Chandramohan will play a key role and senior actor Krishna will play a guest role in the film. ...
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