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Dina Lohan

Michael reveals how Lindsay was conceived

London (ANI): Actress Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has spilled the beans about the X-rated details of the night Lindsay was conceived. Michael claimed he and his now ex-wife Dina were high...
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Lindsay Lohan's mum producing Growing Defiant

Melbourne, (ANI): Lindsay Lohan’s mum Dina is apparently set to produce a film called Growing Defiant about a group of heroin users, with LiLo’s brother Michael Cameron as the star. The...
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Lindsay Lohan's emotional reunion with dad

London, (ANI): Lindsay Lohan and her dad were finally reunited at California's Betty Ford clinic seven months after she cut him out of her life. The Mean Girls actress, who had refused to speak to...
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Samantha Ronson visits ex Lindsay Lohan in jail

Melbourne (ANI): DJ Samantha Ronson has paid a visit to her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan in jail. A day after the 24-year-old star was greeted by her mother Dina and teen sister Ali, Ronson popped...
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Lohan kin sever paternal ties

Lindsay Lohan has officially cut off her relations with her father Micheal Lohan on the grounds of his self destructive behaviour crosing the limit. The teen queen implied that her father who is a...
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