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Dongala Bandi

Dongala Bandi audio on Nov 24th

<p><!--#include virtual="/common/telugu-sub-index.shtml"--> <strong>{image-dongala-bandi-190608.jpg entertainment.oneindia.in}</strong>Allari Naresh and Tanya are playing...
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Allari Naresh jacks up his fee

Hero Allari Naresh is one actor who has a steady stream of films releasing one after the other. His latest film Blade Babji is a surprise hit of the season. ...
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Dongala Bandi, the laughter riot in Dec

Dongala Bandi starring Allari Naresh and Tanya is in the post-production stage. All the important portions of the film, including the 'talkie' parts, have been shot and the movie is on schedule. ...
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Naresh teams up with Tanya

<strong>{image-dongala-bandi-190608_19062008.jpg entertainment.oneindia.in}</strong><!--#include virtual="/common/telugu-sub-index.shtml"--> South Indian filmdom is now looking to...
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