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Fast Forward

Fast Forward movie is based on the story of a group of boys who are great dancers but do not have a platform. Vinod Khanna, who plays a key character in the film, creates a platform for the boys. But then there is a twist in the tale. Problems arise for the boys which takes the film to the next level.

Fast Forward Music Review

EXPECTATIONS When a film comes with 'dance' as its theme, there are indeed good expectations of at least the soundtrack being good. Even though Fast Forward doesn't have stars per se, the film...
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Bhavna goes into the 'Fast Forward' mode

Bhavna Pani whose movie is to release on 31st of this month is very ecstatic and energized about her movie. The dazzling bhavna who was seen in Tere Liye and Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar is doing a lead in...
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No rest till ever rest for Akshay

Though Akshay Kumar has denied that he is in the race to be the number one hero, he is said to be the busiest actor in Bollywood today. Like every year, this year too seems a busy year ahead for...
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