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Prajwal planning to join NY Film Institute

Actor Prajwal Devaraj is planning to join New York Film Institute for a crash course in the technicalities of film making. According to him, it is important to have knowledge about films and he...
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Prajwal Devaraj wants to become director

Actor Prajwal Devaraj, whose movie Kencha has released on last Friday, has said that he wants to become a director. Prajawal Devaraj is desperately looking for a successful hit movie. He has...
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Gulama all set to hit screens this week

Actor Prajwal Devraj and Sonu starrer Kannada film Gulama is all set to hit the screens this week. This movie is the first directorial venture of Tushar Ranganath. The director, who has worked as...
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Chinni wants 10,000 dancers

Chinni Prakash is arguably one of the most famous choreographers in Indian cinema. More than 20 dance masters who have worked under him as assistants have moved on and are working as independent...
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Gulama in progress

Brisk shooting is taking place in Bangalore for Ramu Enterprises presentation Gulama starring Prajwal Devaraj and new comer Biyaanka and directed by writer Ranganath. ...
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Ranganath turns director

Kannada film industry's promising writer Tushar Ranganath, who assisted directors like Sadhu Kokila and Shivamani, is now an independent director. ...
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